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In the middle of nowhere somewhere in the huge Bani Walid desert after my driver lost his track, we came across Mahmoud, Hasan and Gamal camping under the open skies after their shift, who kindly offered to share their dinner with us, some 300km off Tripoli, Libya
After visiting the Roman Mausolea and ruins at Ghirza, a small region dispersed in the Bani Walid Desert and waiting to shoot the spectacular sunset with the ruins in the foreground, my driver lost his track in the sand on our way back in pitch darkness. Thus, after some hour driving without getting anywhere I was fortunate to notice the only speck of light visible in that immense and eerie desert. Surprisingly, it happened to be a group of locals camping in the desert. Gamal, Mahmoud and Hasan not only showed us the way but invited us to dine with them in the middle of that remote desert. They were born in these regions and live between the desert and working occasionally in Tripoli. They were surprised that anyone from Europe knew about and decided to visit such an arid place. Their hospitality was unmatched and they proved to be some of the best travel acquaintances I met during my whole visit in Libya.